Douglas Casimiri

Douglas Casimiri

Let Us Explore the Journey of Your Soul Together

Deep Relaxation Sessions With Douglas Casimiri

Group Sessions

Share a unique experience with your family, friends, and colleagues by hosting a group past life regression session. This special three-hour event may be held at your location. It can be your home, business, church, or basically, any place where you feel comfortable.

The event will include a pre-talk about past life regression and afterward, sharing your individual experiences with the group. The group regression is a magical experience full of laughter, love, and learning. This is an event you will remember for a lifetime.

Get in touch with Douglas to schedule an appointment. He serves individuals and groups in Central Florida. Douglas serves the rest of the world through Skype.

Individual Pricing

The individual pricing for an approximately 1.5-2 hours of person session is $125.00. Clients past-life regression through Skype $65.00.

Group Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of participants.

  • 6-9 people - $45.00 per person
  • 10-15 people - $35.00 per person
  • 16-20 people - $25.00 per person

*The host or hostess is free

What to Expect


We will start by sitting down where we spend a few minutes getting to know each other.

Then, we will talk about what past life regression is. This is just an exercise to recall your far memory.

Rest assured that there is no hypnosis involved. Douglas will just use simple multi-level relaxation techniques, where you are always fully aware of what’s going on. If you desire to stop the regression, you just have to open your eyes.

A past life regression is almost like a dream where you perceive in many different ways through sight, sound, touch, emotions, and inner knowing. There is no right or wrong actually. Whatever you perceive is right, and will likely lead you somewhere important. All you have to do is to report what you’re experiencing.

What If I Feel Like I Am Just Making It Up?

Remember, your imagination is your soul’s way of talking to you. Because you are accessing your soul memories, it may come to what feels like imagination. Initially, you may indeed feel like you’re making it up. But as the session moves deeply into your soul’s memories, the connections will come together and become more vivid and real.

The most important thing is just to share whatever feeling or thoughts that come to you, no matter how silly they may seem. They will eventually lead us to where we have to go.