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Douglas Casimiri’s Books

The following is a quick synopsis of Doug’s books. Please note that all of his books are available on Amazon. You may also order directly from the website. When you place an order, Douglas will personally sign your book. Please let him know who the book is dedicated to.


Christians Remember Your Past Life-Learn How

This book teaches you how to become a past life regression facilitator. You will find the information in this book fascinating and life changing.

Christians will especially find this book interesting as it allows them to follow Jesus and His belief in reincarnation. Did you know that reincarnation was part of the early Christian belief system for almost 300 years until the church removed reincarnation from the Bible? This was backed up with indisputable historical assumptions.

Note that the price of the book is $17.95 plus shipping fee.

Live Your Life in AWE!

After reading almost every historic document relating to religion, spirituality, and man’s purpose on this planet, these readings implanted in my mind all kinds of meaningful messages. I attempted to take all this great meaning of life information and create simple one line messages. I really wanted to plant the seeds of thought, where you may look deep into yourself to answer this question. What kind of person am I?

The book is a daily calendar book, where you can read one message per day and take the time to truly feel the message and what it means to you. Note that the book price is $15.95 plus shipping fee.

Confessions of an Uber Driver

Here, Douglas used his intuitive abilities to elicit information from those he came in contact with to write this book. The stories in this book were gathered over a period of about one year. All drivers sharing their stories were done in complete confidentiality and the participants were assured that he would not use any names (which he doesn’t know anyway) or locations.

A lot of the stories came from Uber drivers, riders, or individuals who used to be Uber drivers. Douglas’ own stories, as a driver, are mixed in with the rest of the stories. When he picked up an Uber driver, he would ask them to tell him about their craziest story involving a rider they had picked up. Every driver has at least one.


Doug went undercover as an Uber driver. When he would pick up an Uber rider, he would ask them, if they ever had a bad situation from an Uber driver. They all had a story.

This book contains a graphic description of sexual situations, violence, and language. He tried to capture the intensity of emotion that the drivers must have felt during some of these accounts. Book price is $11.95 plus shipping fee.

Latest Books Now Available

Whispers Of Love: Falling in love requires no effort, but maintaining love may just be the hardest thing you ever do. These 365 messages provide the emotional support you and your lover need to help each other.                                                      Past-Lives A to Z: You have lived before and on some level. you know it. This is the only book you will ever need on this subject. Finally just released "Last Words of the Dying" read about what people have said at their moment death.

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