Douglas Casimiri

Douglas Casimiri

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Douglas Casimiri has been considered one of the foremost experts in the field of past life regression for over 20 years. In fact, he has written a books on the subject: " Christians Remember Your Past Lives-Learn How and Past Lives A to Z." Furthermore, Doug has been interviewed by numerous television and radio shows, such as:

  • The Most Important People in The World (See Casimiri)
  • Malcolm Out Loud Radio Show
  • Prime Time TV
  • Rabbi Shula Radio Show in Ottawa, Canada
  • Malcolm Out Loud TV Show (See YouTube: The Intersection of Reincarnation and Christianity)
  • The Pete O’Shea Radio Show (Douglas has been about written in over 300 newspapers throughout the country)
  • Listen To Douglas Podcast "Past Lives A to Z". Heard everywhere
  • Read Douglas Blog at:

Get in touch with Douglas to learn more about his accomplishments. He proudly serves clients in Central Florida and the rest of the world through Skype.